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A Woman On A Misson

-Tonya has cultivated an engaging motorsport multicast platform by focusing on Community, Collaboration, and Brand Connection. Her various platforms have allowed her to reach a global audience of thousands of active participants and growing!  Her primary focus is to empower women within motorsports while changing the narrative to create a more inclusive tomorrow-

Tonya Hampton

Tonya is a driving force in content creation and media, whose journey encompasses a diverse range of achievements and accomplishments. 

Born in Southern California, Tonya was afforded the opportunity to travel the world with her family. She has lived in Italy and Spain and has visited countless countries before calling Virginia Beach her home. When she is not participating in community outreach, you can find her exploring the depths of the ocean as a scuba diver.

In recent years, Tonya has ventured into the world of content creation and media, with a distinct focus on Motorsports and Formula 1 Trading Cards. Her insatiable curiosity has opened doors to remarkable collaborations and opportunities, with notable affiliations such as Pirelli Motorsport, F1 Miami Grand Prix, Topps Trading Card Company, Las Vegas Grand Prix Foundation, Whatsapp, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, eBay Collectibles, and Hulu. A standout achievement is her participation in the Inaugural Class of SNAPCHAT's 523 Black Creator Accelerator Program, highlighting her as a prominent figure in the digital media landscape.


As the founder of motorsport Podcast Apex Takeover and Artemis Sky Media LLC, Tonya has made significant contributions to the media landscape. Her dedication to community formation and outreach is evident, reflecting a passion that goes beyond her professional endeavors. She extends by establishing the representation of media curated by African-American Women as the "Standard" in sports broadcasting and content creation. Tonya firmly believes that such initiatives will not only strengthen the community but also influence younger, culturally diverse generations through increased engagement and opportunity.


Above all else, Tonya treasures her role as a mother to two sons, considering them her greatest accomplishments. She also indulges in collecting sports cards and memorabilia, showcasing her multifaceted interests. As a Registered Dental Hygienist, Tonya holds a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene, showcasing her commitment to healthcare. Her academic prowess extends further, with an MBA in Healthcare Management and a current pursuit of a Ph.D. in Health Sciences, slated for completion in May 2025. 

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