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The Hosts

Martha and Tonya have cultivated an engaging motorsport multicast platform by focusing on Community, Collaboration, and Brand Connection. Our platforms have allowed us to reach a global audience of thousands of active participants and growing! Our focus is to empower women within and around  motorsports while changing the narrative to create a more inclusive tomorrow.


Martha Takaendisa

My passion for sports can be traced back to Primary school. Whether is was tennis, cricket, rugby, track, netball, basketball I have been into sports from the start. Now coming across Formula 1 on TV during my teens was totally by chance but now, every drive to work or anywhere else really  is an imaginary circuit filled with DRS zones, chicanes and apex’s. I like getting people excited about things I’m excited about!!


I am a certified, event planner/coordinator with US Event Guide. A vast majority of some of my unforgettable  moments, transpired within a wonderful chapter that spanned over  10 years, before jumping into the fitness industry where I have been energetically growing, and am ecstatic for the opportunity to change peoples lives everyday, with health and fitness!


Out in the world , you are most likely to find planning my next F1 live race trip,  hiking, adventuring, watching National Geographic or any wildlife/nature. If you challenge me to Game of thrones or Lord of the rings Trivia, I will win. I live the sweaty life and will probably recruit you to join me for a spin or HIIT class. Lets not forget my nest egg in my online athleisure business brand - Founder and owner of Embrace The Curve , go ahead and check out my [not-so] humble brag -

– Embrace The Curve , go ahead and check out her website –

Tonya Hampton

Born in Southern California, Tonya was afforded the opportunity to travel the world with her family. She has lived in Italy and Spain and has visited countless countries before calling Virginia Beach her home. When she is not participating in community outreach, you can find her exploring the depths of the ocean as a scuba diver, Collecting Sports Cards, & NFTs.

Recently, an interest in Motorsport has placed her on a different trajectory. Given her love of Formula 1, Tonya began exploring the immense space of media, embarking on a new venture to grow the Formula One Community into a larger demographic that includes a younger diverse population through various media outlets.


Tonya is dedicated to establishing the representation of media curated by African American Women as the “Standard” in sports broadcasting and content creation. She strongly believes such initiatives will substantially strengthen the community and influence younger culturally diverse generations through engagement and opportunity.


Tonya received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Dental Hygiene, a MBA in Healthcare Management and currently pursuing a PhD from Eastern Virginia Medical School.

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